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We are proud to be West Seattle's only consignor of Fine Furnishings & Home Accessories.

Here are just a few of our methods of operation that may prove helpful to know, especially for prospective Consignors, who wish to sell gently used home furnishings or brand name fashions:

  • Our complete Consignor Agreement is available for your review (and download) on this site (see links, below).  Our commission / split on sales of consigned  items begins at 50/50 and goes up over time.
  • We offer pickup and delivery (and other hauling) services at below-market rates. 
  • A good place to start is by emailing pictures of the items you'd like to consign, to geoff@suitearrangements.com.  For those unable to do so, we are happy to schedule a 'no fee' consultation call to come to your home (or storage facility) to view prospective consignment items.
  • We are usually two weeks out from the time we agree to accept items (and receive completed paperwork) until the time we can actually remove them from your home / storage.  However, we will try to help in a true emergency, so don't rule us out if you have one -- or if . . . the dog ate your homework.  We also offer FREE short-notice removal of saleable items you simply want out and gone.
  • We price consignment items together, with our consignors, but you must remember that: 1) we are on the same side when you consign, in the sense that we both want to sell your items for as much as we reasonably can; 2) we have a good sense of what the market cares for, and what it doesn't, and 3) the cold cruel market doen't care if it was you mom's or dad's. 
  • Last but certainly not least... We sell a broad scope of gently worn home furnishings (including accessories) and brand-name fashions (and assessories) all at pretty reasonable prices that keep things moving, keep customers coming back, and keep consignors getting paid.  That keeps our inventory turning over quickly, ensuring a fresh shopping experience for even our most regular customers.   

Please have a look through our web pages to learn more about our company and to view selections from our current inventory. We look forward to serving you soon!

If you need to reach us in person for any reason, please call 206-906-9379 between 10 - 7 Monday through Friday, or 10 - 6 Saturdays and Sundays.   

Furniture Consignor Agreement

Clothing Consignor Agreement